Editor's Note

Myrle Vanderstraeten joined Gleason Publications in October 1998. Assistant editor to David Gleason on without prejudice from October 2001 until March 2011, Myrle took over the reins as editor in April 2011.

Passionate about the publication, she has revelled in the challenges to maintain the magazine’s reputation as “a rare source of valuable information” and views the entry into the digital world as an exciting step that will expand without prejudice’s footprint into other jurisdictions.

    Editor's Note - February 2011

    This year is without prejudice's 10th birthday – in October 2001 we published the first issue of what we believe has become an invaluable tool for, but not exclusive to, the legal fraternity. Our aim continues to be to provide information that is current, pertinent and analytical so that readers are able to keep abreast of changes in law. The style of the magazine is such that details can be easily accessed and information uickly absorbed in an era characterised by information overload and increasingly less time in which to complete tasks.

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