Latest Issue - June 2018

Five years in practice Top Students

This is my fifth year at Hogan Lovells and I have spent nearly all that time in the BRI department. To set the scene: after serving articles at Hogan Lovells, I worked as an associate for two years and am now a senior associate in the business restructuring and insolvency law (BRI) department, specialising in business rescue, restructuring, insolvency and commercial litigation.

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University of Cape Town - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Douglas Ainslie

In the past five years, I completed articles, was admitted, was retained at Bowmans but left shortly afterwards for a year's clerkship at the Constitutional Court, which was an incredible experience. I returned to Bowmans' litigation department, which is where I still find myself. The
work over these years has been interesting and I was fortunate to have been involved in some historic matters (having clerked at the time of the
"Nkandla judgment" and worked on the project that led to the recent silicosis class action settlement). Looking back, despite having taken a
rather meandering route into law, I doubt that I'd have done things differently. I enjoyed the path here and enjoy the work I do. Until that stops, I'll
stick with the law. Outside of work, my greatest enjoyment comes from the fact that I share my life with a wonderful woman, a very characterful parakeet and the world's most amazing dog. And to top it all off? Every now and then they let me go fishing (sometimes I even catch one).

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University of Free State - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Rochelle Brink

Martin Luther King Jr wrote that every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. When I reflect on the past five years, which I cannot believe have gone by already, I recognise the truth behind those words. How one's mind, the way that you think, your expectations and views on life itself change, especially in an environment which is constantly evolving.

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University of Johannesburg - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Kelsey Biddulph

Does anyone know what they are getting into when they start their first job? CDH lived up to its reputation of providing an enriching and dynamic work experience and the training and mentorship I received exceeded my expectations.

I am a Senior Associate in CDH's Corporate and Commercial Practice where I specialise in commercial real estate. At university I thought I would become a litigator. However, once I experienced our Real Estate and Corporate and Commercial Practices, I knew this was the work I was meant to do. I think technology will have a major impact on the practise of law. The profession needs to embrace the advances and view them as tools which enable practitioners to provide an enhanced service at a more economical cost. That said, I do not believe technology will render the legal profession obsolete.

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University of KwaZulu-Natal - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Kiren Bagwandeen

After completing my articles at Norton Rose Fulbright, I joined Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs in the corporate commercial department in 2015.

I then took the plunge and commenced pupillage in 2016, and thereafter became a practising member of the KwaZulu-Natal Society of Advocates in 2017. I always had an inclination that I would enjoy practising as an advocate, as the independence, coupled with the ability to argue a matter in court in the morning, and attend to consultations and drafting thereafter, seemed appealing, and has turned out to be true.

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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Tina Terblanche

I had realistic expectations of practice so the challenges did not surprise me. I specialise in public and regulatory law, focusing on administrative law, public procurement, mining, environmental and health and safety law. I enjoyed public law, but never imagined I would practise environmental and mining law!

In highly specialised fields where knowledge and experience constitute the "value-add" to clients, I do not believe technology will replace lawyers. It will simply increase efficiency.

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University of Pretoria - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Tanith Robertson

I completed articles at Adams & Adams and was retained in the Trade Mark Litigation Department. During my first year as an associate, I moved to specialising in Trade Mark Litigation.

I have been at ENS for over two and a half years and have recently been promoted to Senior Associate, which naturally has been the highlight of my professional career to date.

During the past five years I have learnt that the key to success is to try to lead as balanced a life as possible. My advice to anybody heading into the working world would be that you should always give your best at work, whilst still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You only live once!

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Rhodes University - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Monde Coto

I am a senior associate at a corporate and commercial law firm. I am passionate about transformation. The legal fraternity must transform. Corporate South Africa must transform.

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Stellenbosch University - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Carla Annas

After graduating, I joined the yachting industry for a gap year. However, more than five years later, I am still in the industry, currently as Chief Stewardess on a 50m charter yacht in the Bahamas.

I still have a passion for law and I will return to it when I move back to SA in a few years.I will be much older by then than my fellow candidate attorneys, but the life experience and people skills that I gained will be invaluable. The problem-solving skills and the public speaking skills I developed while studying an LLB have served me well in my current career.

Five years ago, I would never have guessed I would be here today, so far removed from the legal profession. This unexpected journey has taught me so many things, especially the ability to deal with change. I would advise those who are about to graduate to look carefully at what they want and not be afraid to go after it, even if it is a very different path to what they imagined.

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University of the Witwatersrand - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Kyle Fyfe

After I left university, I completed articles with Norton Rose Fulbright and was admitted as an attorney in August 2015. I was retained
as an associate in the firm's tax and exchange control department and have remained at Norton Rose Fulbright.

I decided to enrol in the master of laws programme, specialising in tax law, at the University of Pretoria and graduated in April 2017. Thinking
back to my expectations for articles in 2012, I wouldn't have expected to be specialising in tax, as it's not what I was interested in while studying (I
was most interested in banking law and international law at the time). That said, during articles I realised that practising in the banking and
finance field was not for me, and I was fortunate enough to find something that I really enjoy. I have enjoyed the challenge of working in tax, which is technically complex and constantly changing.

The highlight of my life in the last five years has been my fiancée, who I am marrying later this year.

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University of KwaZulu-Natal (Howard College) - Top students 2012, where are they now Top Students

Kerrie-lee Olivier

Kerrie-lee says, "Law was my first choice in terms of direction and career path so I embarked upon my LLB journey fresh out of matric. I was offered a scholarship for 2018 by the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal to read a Masters in Employment Law. I begin articles with ENSafrica in 2019."

"I did not have a part time job during my studies, however, I tried to ensure that during semester breaks I participated in vacation work at different law firms in order to have a practical understanding of the textbook knowledge taught in lectures."

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The constitutionality of the minimum age requirements for marriage Constitutional Law

Our law provides for different minimum age requirements for different kinds of marriages and unions. According to the common law, boys under the age of 14 years and girls below the age of 12 years may not marry at all. Consent from the parents/ guardians and the consent of the Minister must be obtained for the minors between the ages of 12 and 15 for girls and 14 and 18 for boys.

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National News – June 2018 National News

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Appointments: Corporate & Commercial – Ziyaad Hassam has been appointed a Senior Associate.

Associates: Dispute Resolution practice – Neha Dhana, Krevania Pillay and Lerato Ramotsamai. Employment practice – Siyabonga Tembe.

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Being beautiful and widowed Delict

In South African law, a claim for loss of support may be lodged against the Road Accident Fund when the breadwinner of a family, an innocent victim of a motor vehicle accident, passes away.

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Hijab in Law Human Rights Law

Ahijab is a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. We are fortunate in South Africa to have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that can be regarded as far superior to most in the western world. Chapter Two of the Constitution of South Africa contains the Bill of Rights, a human rights charter that protects the civil, political and socio-economic rights of all people in South Africa.

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