April 2015

Devil’s Harvest Lifestyle - Books April 2015

The first and only time I met Andrew Brown was at the Fugard Theatre when we were both guests on a panel at the Cape Town Book Festival last year. I found him to be a very thoughtful man with an intelligently assured manner – and the same descriptors apply to Devil's Harvest. I've read three of Andrew's other books, Cold Sleep Lullaby, Refuge and Solace. Devil's Harvest is different and it's not just in the title's overt suggestion of something darkly powerful and malevolent.

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the view from down under: ANZAC and ISIS Lifestyle April 2015

The 25th of April 2015 marks the centenary of the Gallipoli landings by British and ANZAC troops. For Australia and New Zealand this anniversary is significant. Media coverage will be extensive. Politicians, shouldering aside the military, will offer ill-informed eulogies.

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Now you can have your cake, and eat it too Lifestyle - Motoring April 2015

Electric cars are going to save the motoring industry, or so we are told. This may be the case in countries where ESKOM isn't the national power supplier and where there is an infrastructure in most office parks and housing estates for battery life to be prolonged.

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1st quarter closed Deal Selection April 2015

JSE listed company deals

In early March, Pioneer Foods extended its African footprint with the conclusion of a deal with Food Concepts Plc that will see it take a 50.1% majority stake in a new venture – Food Concepts Pioneer – which will own Butterfield Bakeries, the Nigerian baked goods business that specialises in bread and sausage roll production. In SA, Pioneer manufactures brands such as Sasko and White Star Super Maize Meal. The stake will cost Pioneer $7m (R82m).

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