June 2015

the view from down under: Parables of Wealth and Reward Lifestyle June 2015

The international thought police may dislike it, but national stereotypes are a fact of life. Australia is known internationally as the Lucky Country. But Australians mostly prefer to describe it as it the land of the "fair go". If you Google "fair go Australia" you score 74 million hits (to put this in context, "German humour" rates a modest 18 million).

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When is a law not a law? Lifestyle - Motoring June 2015

For the past few years I have penned many articles to the legal profession via my monthly column in without prejudice, most of which have been either car reviews or my opinions on certain market trends. This month I have something different for you all to absorb; hopefully there is a Candidate Attorney or two who can shed some light on the matter at hand.

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The On-demand dilemma for professionals Lifestyle - Gadgets June 2015

2008 was not a good year for the world, nor was it a good one for South Africa. A national power crisis crippled growth in South Africa, and many small businesses could simply not cope with the added misfortune of a global recession. Nevertheless, the Top Students of 2009 managed to excel at their studies despite all this turmoil. The question is, will these students excel at their careers by applying technology or excel by conducting business as usual?

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