September 2015

Call a trust a trust Trust Law September 2015

The right of a party to enter into a contract is governed by the legal status afforded by the various statues and our common law. The status of a trust is, however, shrouded in a cloth of mystery. A trust in terms of our law is not regarded as a legal person, and various issues regarding a trust are governed by the Trust Property Control Act (57 of 1988). However, a trust has been regarded in our case law as a legal institution sui qeneris.

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National News - September 2015 National News September 2015

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Appointment: Deepa Vallabh has been appointed a director and Head of Cross-Border M&A for Africa & Asia in the Corporate and Commercial practice. She specialises in mergers and acquisitions (both domestic and cross-border), corporate reorganisations and restructurings and her expertise also extends to competition law, structured finance, securitisations, derivatives, bond exchange and other general finance related matters.

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the view from down under: You don’t have to be a Rhodes’ scholar...but it sure helps! Lifestyle September 2015

Australian idiom is endlessly engaging. Some usages can be explained as a throwback to the Irish convicts. For example, Australians often refer to "the English" when "England" or "Britain" sounds more natural to us. An Australian might say: "the English won the Battle of Trafalgar" or "the English won the Ashes". Even after decades of living in Australia, it still jars.

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This is now becoming an expensive hobby! Lifestyle - Hobbies September 2015

Since my last article (without prejudice December 2014), Japanese Whisky and single malts in general continue to dominate whisky news in ways which would have been unheard of and even unforeseen 10 years ago.

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Pack up your troubles in an old kit car and smile, smile, smile... Lifestyle - Motoring September 2015

Part 2

After the discussion relating to kit cars and replicas (p92 without prejudice July 2015), I took the concept one step further by assisting with the build of the kit car and then driving it, making comparisons with the original.

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aftertaste: Cape Winemakers Guild Auction Lifestyle - Wine September 2015

The best of the best wines will again be available at this year's Cape Winemakers Guild Auction in Stellenbosch on Saturday 3 October 2015. This auction is open to the public and attracts small private buyers, collectors and the wine trade. Auction wines are selected in a blind tasting by members of the Guild and the Cape Winemakers Guild Auction, showcasing the best wines of each of the acclaimed winemakers, has become the benchmark of great South African wines.

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Fresh tech for spring Lifestyle - Gadgets September 2015

Spring should, hopefully, soon be on its way. Here's a look at some of the gadgets that will help you transition smoothly into the new season.

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Corporate Activity at a glance Deal Selection September 2015

JSE Company Deals

Ascendis Health announced that agreement had been reached in terms of which its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ascendis Health International, would acquire 49% of the issued share capital of Spanish firm, Farmalider for R210m. Ascendis and the vendors have also entered into a put and call option for the remaining 51% stake in Farmalider, in two tranches. The first tranche is exercisable on December 31 2018 and covers a 31% stake and the second tranche is exercisable on December 31 2020 for the remaining 20% interest.

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