February 2016

Financing transactions across Africa Financial Law February 2016

English law is the primary choice of law for use in cross-border financing transactions in Africa, especially in jurisdictions with less well-developed bodies of commercial and financial law. It is also the primary legal choice in international financial transactions where it is not as easy to determine an obvious governing law.

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Residential property and VAT Tax February 2016

Until recently it was smaller investors who bought and let residential property. But nowadays even listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are building, buying and letting large portfolios of residential property. No doubt the investors are looking to satisfy the demand for residential property, and to realise better yields than may be achieved in commercial property.

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Barreau sailing high Platteland Perspective February 2016

Quite something to witness: virtually every car in South Africa headed for the coast, their drivers seeking relief from the year's heat and stress. Our little dorp, half-way between Gauteng and the sea, watches the trek with annual astonishment – and some envy – while the lucky ones stream through town towards the pleasures of the coast.

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The legal status of adjudicator’s decisions Construction Law February 2016

Adjudication proceedings should be able to be relied upon as a legitimate form of dispute resolution, and the binding nature and enforceability of a successful adjudicator's decision should not be a hurdle to overcome for the successful party.

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International law firms in South Africa – positive or negative disruption? Management February 2016

In February 2011 the Lawyers Weekly in Australia published an article entitled "Attack of the Global Giants: Australia the new black for international firms".

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A New Year wish list – not Management February 2016

It is the time of year when commentators, consultants, "futurologists" (whatever they are) and those with more time to chatter than those who must do, rise up to share their predictions for the year ahead.

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Prescribed PMBs and medical savings accounts Medical Law February 2016

The interpretation of prescribed minimum benefit (PMB) regulations, which the Council for Medical Schemes (the Council) has adopted has been, and still is, the subject of much debate. This has predominantly involved Regulations 8(1) and 8(2) relating to the "pay in full" and "designated service provider" provisions.

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National News - February 2016 National News February 2016

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Promotions to senior associate: Construction and Engineering – Muhammed Somrey. Corporate and Commercial – Standre Bezuidenhout, Chanelle Howell and Roxanna Valayathum. Dispute Resolution – Nicolette du Sart, Iram Hayath, Nicole Meyer, Verusha Moodley, Mongezi Mpahlwa and Yasmeen Raffie. Employment – Anli Bezuidenhout. Technology, Media and Telecoms – Fatima Ameer Mia.

For the fifth consecutive year, the firm has been recognised by the SA Society for Labour Law (SASLAW) Pro Bono project as the law firm that spent the most hours for the public good before the Labour Court.

Kirsten Caddy, Ndumiso Zwane and Inez Moosa received awards at a function at the CDH offices for their considerable efforts during the year. CEO Brent Williams said, "We commend Aadil Patel, Gillian Lumb and their teams for going the extra mile and for their extraordinary efforts and contributions made in the public service, which has in turn enabled the greater good of the communities we serve. We also congratulate Kirsten Caddy and Ndumiso Zwane for the time spent in-service with the project."

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Apps for Android Lifestyle February 2016

There are hundreds, if not thousands of apps available for Android these days, and it can be difficult to choose the best app for the job. I, for one, am forever downloading and deleting apps until I find one or two that perform the job perfectly. This article gives a personal perspective of some of the apps I have downloaded and kept.

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2016 – The road ahead Lifestyle - Motoring February 2016

The New Year is well underway and, judging by the weather, it's going to be a scorcher. This sentiment seems to be common amongst motor manufacturers with some hot new and face lift models on the way in 2016.

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the view from down under: Piggy in the middle Lifestyle February 2016

2016 is a general election year in Australia. Assuming the door stops revolving – five Prime Ministers have passed through since the defeat of John Howard's Coalition government in December 2007 – Malcolm Turnbull will have the task of selling his government's programme to a sceptical electorate.

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The carrot does not liberate: The story of on-demand TV in South Africa Lifestyle - Gadgets February 2016

A very happy 2016 to readers – may you all have a connected 2016. I believe my first experience with the Internet was in 1995; of course you could not send e-mail to your friends, because likely, they didn't have an e-mail account. You could "surf" the Internet – meaning you could test your patience with websites that took minutes to load. But we had faith; we knew it was an infant: cute, it would soil itself, but it was destined to become something great. More than 20 years later, we expect it to deliver everything – including high definition television in real time.

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aftertaste: Cap Classique 101 Lifestyle - Wine February 2016

The main difference between proper bubbly and the other fizzy stuff is the manner in which the gas (bubbles) is accumulated under pressure in a still "base" wine. The creation of these bubbles, held under pressure and dissolved into the wine until the bottle is opened, is one of the main factors determining the quality of the wine.

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The Lawyer’s Reading Challenge Lifestyle - Books February 2016

If you are a reader – and most lawyers are – you will probably have come across some of the many reading challenges on social media, giving people a light hearted guide to their 2016 reading.

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2016 has left the starting blocks Deal Selection February 2016

JSE Listed Companies

Brimstone Investments' 58% held subsidiary, Sea Harvest, has acquired a 19.9% stake in Australian agri-business, Mareterram. Mareterram's operations comprise the business assets of Nor-West Seafoods and Craig Mostyn Group Food Service Division. The Craig Mostyn Group has distributed Sea Harvest's products in Australia for the past 50 years.

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