August 2017

What women really want Lifestyle - Motoring August 2017

"What a girl wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes me happy and sets me free..."althoughaslightlyedited version of the lyrics from the Christina Aguilera song (which is now stuck in your head), applying these words to every aspect of day to day life, expresses completely what women actually want.

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The Order Of Things Lifestyle - Gadgets August 2017

Tek88 Apple Watch and iPhone Bamboo Charge Dock/Stand

Sleek, and doubly so. If it bothers you that charging your iPhone and Apple Watch litter your desk or bedside table with cables, the Tek88 is the thing for you. The charging cables slot neatly into this bamboo device, allowing your iPhone and Apple to be conveniently docked for charging.

R179.00 @

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Corporate Finance Overview Deal Selection August 2017

JSE Listed M&A

Powertech (Allied Electronics) disposed of Crabtree Electrical Accessories to Siemans AG for an undisclosed value.

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