June 2017

Considerations for closure Environmental Law June 2017

Since the advent of the One Environmental System, there has been much focus on the implications of the System for the commissioning of new mines. What of the environmental compliance requirements for the decommissioning or closure of mines?

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2006 – the year of legal reform in Mozambique Accounting June 2017

In 1996, I had an audience booked and confirmed with the governor of one of Mozambique's 11 provinces. On the scheduled day, I arrived at the appointed place and had to wait five hours before I was received. In April 2006, for professional reasons, I had occasion to meet with five provincial governors.

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The three "student" features this year show some interesting figures in terms of participation. In 2007, eight universities submitted the names of 41 top students. Five years on, in 2011, the names of 64 students were received from nine universities. In 2017, the 13 participating universities submitted 122 top students from the Class of 2016.

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The myth of the five year plan Student Feature June 2017

When you finish studying, you will often be asked where you see yourself in five years and in ten years. We ask it of the top graduates in this magazine. You will be asked in job interviews. You'll be asked by your bossy uncle over the family dinner, and by your best friend over your fourth glass of wine.

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You know enough to know you don’t know everything Student Feature June 2017

Navigating the transition from articles to associate and beyond can be treacherous. You know enough to know that you don't know everything, yet your clients expect an expert. You are no longer just pushing process and assisting senior professionals. Now you drive the matter, assess risks and make hard decisions.

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High performance culture – No thank you Student Feature June 2017

"We want people who work well in a high performance culture," said the headhunter. My heart sank.

One day I am going to set up a recruitment business and, when I do, this will be a typical role specification:

"This role requires patience, some courage and an indigestion remedy. The brand suggests a highly successful and well organised business; but frankly the reality is something you can probably work out for yourself. There is too much work, a pretty ordinary infrastructure and the same shit happens most days. That said the team is good; they're nice people, working hard with a little bit of gallows humour. If you can get past working on an industrial estate, with no car park spaces after 8:30am and the sort of IT that would have shamed the owner of an Albanian cyber cafe in 2003, then you'll be fine. There is a bit of management nonsense, but not too much; although you will have to work hard not to lose it with your boss when he bangs on about A.I. at the umpteenth conference he will speak at this year. Overall it's not so bad and worth considering for the next three years of your working life...".

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The rut at the end of the tunnel Student Feature June 2017

Everyone experiences a rut in their professional careers. Some experience several. Most often this occurs when we complete a particular goal, have been passed-over for promotion, find ourselves in an organisational restructuring or become proficient at a particular skill-set. Whatever the reason, we seem to unwittingly plummet into this rut and, like our moon-crater- size pot holes in Johannesburg, we misjudge its true depth and severity on our psyche.

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Looking back Student Feature June 2017

Elnalene Cornelius

Some suggestions for law firms to make the lives of CAs easier

1. Ensure that CA's are granted sufficient study leave and provide them with support structures to assist with the board exams, including the payment and presentation of additional lectures, providing past papers and encouraging them to write all board exams at once so that they have sufficient time during articles to re- write any exams they might fail on the first attempt.

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Top students 2011, where are they now - University of Cape Town Student Feature June 2017

The Class of 2011: Amy Armstrong, Leo Boonzaier, Martin Fischer, Simone Fourie, Piet Olivier.

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Top students 2011, where are they now - University of the Free State Student Feature June 2017

The Class of 2011: Pauli du Toit (née Carshagen), Ailene Ferns, Monica Louro, Maryke Marais (née Du Toit), Remay Olivier, Marina van Rooyen (née Viljoen), Veruschka Vergottini.

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Top students 2011, where are they now - University of Johannesburg Student Feature June 2017

The Class of 2011: Mandy Claassens, Haydn de Boer, Eden Esterhuizen, Daimon Stockl, Anton van Loggerenberg.

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Top students 2011, where are they now - University of KwaZulu-Natal Student Feature June 2017

Howard College Campus

The Class of 2011: Sihle Bulose, Greig Campbell, Sboniso Cibane, Kriska-Leila Goolabjith, Tatum Govender, Stephne Kleinloog, Prathik Mohanlall, Terusha Ramchund, Philip Thompson, Caitlin van Rensburg.

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Top students 2011, where are they now - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Top Students - 5 Years On June 2017

The Class of 2011: Melissa Colyn (née Welgemoed), Melanie Leitch, Michelle Morgan, Julie Ynes Ada Tchoukou.

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Religion and the Constitution Accounting June 2017

In the White River Equity Court an anti Semitism case is about to unfold. The case began in February and stems from neighbours, one of whom, Gerard Barkhuizen, is accused of painting a swastika on the wall facing his neighbour, Yaron Fishman. He is also accused of offensive Hebrew writing.

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Top students 2011, where are they now - University of Pretoria Student Feature June 2017

The Class of 2011: Nikita Culhane, Rina de Klerk (née Clarke), Chazanne Grobler, Sarah McGibbon, Leani Nortje, Michelle Opperman.

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