May 2017

Did government get the message? Intellectual Property May 2017

On 27 April, Freedom Day, we will pause to mark the most significant moment in South African history and commemorate the day when freedom, above all else, became the nation's guiding principle. The day before, World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, we celebrate the achievements of those who influence our every- day lives and the ability of free human intellectual endeavour to improve our lives.

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Put your hands in the air Lifestyle - Motoring May 2017

Unfortunately I am not talking about being on the dance floor, although we do need to take the good with the bad. In these sad times of our country's economic collapse, unemployment is at an all- time high, poverty is rife and desperation is closing in like a heavy fog.

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Weighing in on laptop brands Lifestyle - Gadgets May 2017

Brand-loyalty is a risky buying tactic when it comes to technology – the quality of a brand should constantly be evaluated. Samsung, a long-time market leader in the area of display technology and mobile phones suffered severe blows (literally) as Galaxy Note 7 phones exploded in the faces of brand- loyal Samsung users. The mistake cost the company $5 billion dollars in losses, following the global recall.

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aftertaste Momento Wines Lifestyle - Wine May 2017

Marelise Niemann was the winemaker behind Beaumont's Hope Marguerite – one of the best Chenin Blancs in the country ( recently scored it 97 out of 100 points) – before she launched her solo career with Momento Wines, sharing cellar space at Gabriëlskloof with some other amazing winemakers such as Peter Allan Finlayson from Crystallum and John Seccombe from Thorne & Daughters. Marelise follows a "hands off" approach to winemaking, opting for natural fermentation, gentle extraction and older oak barrels to produce wines that reflect the true personality of the grapes that she works with.

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Corporate Finance Overview Deal Selection May 2017

JSE Listed M&A

Anglo American disposed of its Eskom-tied domestic thermal coal operations in South Africa for R2,3bn. The operations were acquired by a wholly owned subsidiary of Seriti Resources.

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