November 2017

Minimum specifications: Strict or partial compliance? Contract Law November 2017

On a daily basis, contracting parties are faced with terms or provisions contained in agreements that require them to comply with minimum specifications insofar as they relate to either a service or project to be carried out pursuant to the agreement. In this article, we tease out from the SCA and the CC judgments in AAA Investment v Micro Finance Regulatory Council (2007 (1) SA 343 (CC)) whether those subject to minimum specifications set by private entities are required to observe strict compliance or whether partial compliance can be condoned.

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Perspectives on leadership – New thinking for a new generation Management November 2017

Part 3

How do we measure the value of our contribution?

The holy grail of value is often considered to be how we measure it. Too often value is asserted as if talent alone makes a difference. The hard reality that talent alone is never enough. A difference has to be made and we must be able to describe how we can measure and articulate the value of that difference.

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Manners maketh man – and that includes judges Platteland Perspective November 2017

A stinking Durban Friday afternoon, one of those when summer humidity turns your body into an endlessly dripping tap and you long for the weekend sea. In the middle of our lethargic puddles at work, we had a sudden tip-off – a worthwhile "urgent" was about to start in the high court.

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A strong judiciary in Kenya comes of age Africa - Kenya November 2017

Historically Kenya was known to have a biased judiciary, with the judicial body receiving less than favorable reviews, particularly during the Moi era. The former president was believed to have overreaching executive powers, and was known to leverage those powers to influence judges to make court decisions that favoured him and his patrons. For opposition leaders and layman alike, one could not find unbiased recourse to settle legal disputes.

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National News - November 2017 National News November 2017


Marieta Uys of PSG Trust in Pretoria received the Top FPSA® (Fiduciary Practitioner of South Africa ) Candidate Award 2016 at the 7th Annual FISA Conference. This annual award is sponsored by the School for Financial Planning Law (SFPL) at the University of Free State.

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Streaming 101 Lifestyle - Gadgets November 2017

In the '90s, if you had a modem (14.4kpbps or the later 56kbps) and an ISP connection, you were "connected" so to speak. Albeit slowly, you had access to a world of textual information. ADSL brought us closer to the promise of an always connected Internet – but then, everything changed as the web underwent a metamorphosis: text spawned into video. Many South Africans became addicted to video – in particular YouTube and Netflix – only their slow Internet would not cooperate, leaving video junkies without a fix for their addiction.

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aftertaste Steenberg’s new range Lifestyle - Wine November 2017

Steenberg Vineyards recently launched a new range of wines named after three of the ships in the Royal Navy in the Battle of Muizenberg in 1795, when the Dutch retreated to Zandvlei (now the suburb of Retreat) at the Steenberg foothills. This ultimately resulted in the first British occupation of the Cape of Good Hope.

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What a smart choice Lifestyle - Motoring November 2017

When I read my column about entry level cars, I wondered what car I would buy for my young school leaver on his/her way to university. My choice may shock a couple of readers - it would undoubtedly be a SMART for 2. Before you scoff, read some of the interesting facts regarding SMART cars.

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