September 2017

Passing-off decision issued by Namibia High Court Intellectual Property September 2017

Justice Parker AJ of the Namibia High Court issued a landmark decision late last year in an application for the cancellation of a registered trade mark and a counter-application based on passing-off at common law.

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Intellectual Property Law updates Intellectual Property September 2017

Kenya: The Kenyan domain name registry will soon be launching the long awaited .KE domain name space!

If you own a brand and/or existing domain name in Kenya, we recommend that you protect your brand in the .KE domain name space, which is the highest level domain applicable to Kenya. It is important to secure registration of your brand in the .KE space before nefarious third parties or "cybersquatters" do so, bearing in mind that it is far cheaper to pre-emptively secure your brand in this space than it is going through costly recovery processes after the fact.

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Have you started saving for retirement? Financial Law September 2017

If the question of whether you are saving enough for retirement leaves you uncomfortable, you're probably part of the 94% of South Africans who will not be able to maintain their standard of living after retirement, according to a Moneyweb article written in 2015 by Inge Lamprecht, Why only 6% of South Africans can retire comfortably. Recently, especially in light of these uncertain economic times, the importance of proper financial planning has become widely known. Generally, a person can have many financial goals in the various stages of life. Financial planning involves (among other things) categorising the various goals in order of importance and implementing plans to achieve them.

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Two left feet slippers Platteland Perspective September 2017

You might think that people with two left feet would keep quiet about it, or discreetly try dancing classes to compensate for their clumsiness. But it turns out that not everyone takes this approach. This story is about a man with a mission – and a completely different attitude. This is a guy who went to court demanding compensation for his affliction.

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Tales from the US of A... - September 2017 International September 2017

Man who drove killed neighbour to his lawyer's office not charged

A grand jury has declined to charge a Florida man who drove his dead neighbour to his lawyer's office after shooting the neighbour. He says he shot his neighbour in self-defence. He then loaded the body onto his pickup truck, covered it in a tarp and drove it to his lawyer's office. There were no eyewitnesses and the jurors found no evidence to rebut his story that his neighbour had confronted him with a gun, because the neighbour didn't want a home built on the neighbouring property. - Debra Cassens Weiss July 18

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The World in August - September 2017 International September 2017

President Trump has been widely criticised for his stance on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. A white supremacist rally in Virginia resulted in the deaths of three people, and the injury of many more. He took two days to lay the blame at the door of white supremacists and then did an about turn.

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National News - September 2017 National News September 2017

Fasten Martineau

Sushila Dhever, head of the Pro Bono department, has been included in the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans List for 2017. She is listed under the Justice & Law section and is recognised for her numerous contributions to the legal industry and society at large.

Siphamandla Dube, an associate in the Labour, Employment and Pro Bono practice recently spoke on the "Protection of employees' rights during business rescue proceedings under South African law" at the Global Trade and Labour Rights 4th Seminar on International and Comparative Labour Law – Global Trade and Labour Rights, in Venice, Italy.

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Corporate Finance Overview - September 2017 Deal Selection September 2017

JSE Listed M&A

African Rainbow Minerals and Vale International SA announced the sale of their 80% indirect stake in Lubambe Mine, Zambia, to EMR Capital for $97,1m.

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aftertaste - Cape Winemakers Guild Auction Lifestyle - Wine September 2017

The Cape Winemaker Guild was formed in 1982 and has grown to 49 winemakers recognised for their consistent high standards of craftsmanship, the production of outstanding wines and their active involvement in operations in the cellar from harvest to bottling.

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Shooting the breeze Lifestyle - Firearms September 2017

Part 2

In Part 1 of this story, I left off just before the much anticipated findings of Judge Tolmay (SA Hunters Association vs Minister of Safety and Security) had been made public. The legal gun owners of our country were confused as to where they stood, with respect to the Firearms Control Act of 2000. Were Green Licences (and those issued even before) still valid? Were thousands of once-legal firearms going to be confiscated? Was the unwitting firearm owner going to be prosecuted for being in possession of unlicensed firearms due to the expiry dates on newer licences being forgotten?

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