December 2018

Ten books Lifestyle Feature December 2018

In recent years, a trend has developed where people set targets for how much they plan to read. Sometimes, there are sub-targets – fiction, nonfiction, South African, memoirs. Sometimes, it's just a number. Some people even try to read a book from every country in the world.

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Dynamic new Dynamique from Renault Lifestyle Feature December 2018

Looking at the sorry state of the fuel price, combined with the massive average mileage that our South African motorists travel, one would think that a frugal and sporty crossover would be just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Unfortunately the best qualified example on offer has a few flaws. Are they serious enough to dissuade consumers? Are the purported safety issues really that bad? Let's check out the new Renault Kwid, currently SA's best budget buy.

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Picture Perfect Lifestyle Feature December 2018

For Your Eyes Only

If you'd like to see things clearly in 2019, a new computer monitor might be a very good place to start. Many office workers spend their lives staring at low quality computer monitors, only to be surprised when they suffer from eye-strain and headaches. With all the new advances in display technology, it may prove somewhat daunting to select the perfect monitor – here's what counts:

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Three Horror movies to watch in your lifetime (if you dare) Lifestyle Feature December 2018

There are three movies that have, in my opinion, "changed the game" in the horror movie genre, with their unique story lines, surprising plot twists and unpredictable endings. If you are looking for something to do in the holiday season, and if you are feeling brave, grab the popcorn, lock the doors, turn down the lights, choose one of these creepy classics and prepare to be afraid.

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Music in the movies – A long-time love affair Lifestyle Feature December 2018

Music can make or break a movie, that's for sure. Synergistic interactions where a judicious choice of a song or piece of music has elevated an otherwise great scene into a timeless classic are (relatively) common. But spare a thought for the angst of those charged with selecting the works to be included; and the despair of so many artists as their efforts lie discarded on the cutting room floor. But history only remembers the winners and in this quiz we do exactly that. Take our music movie quiz and find out if you should be sharing popcorn with Leonard Maltin or condemned to watch "Frozen" forever.

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Who’s doing what... - December 2018 Deal Selection December 2018

SA Exchange Listed M&A

Séché has made a firm offer to acquire the entire issued share capital of Interwaste for a cash consideration of R1.20 per share subject to escalation. Shareholders holding 47% of the companies issued share capital have provided written undertakings to vote in favour of the scheme.

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