February 2018

Changing the dialogue Advertising February 2018

Every month the Advertising Standards Authority will share one of its recent decisions, pointing out why it is of specific interest.

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Constitutionalism at loggerheads with judicial overreach Constitutional Law February 2018

South Africa has long been regarded as an excellent example of democratic governance in the promotion of the principles of constitutionalism, not only in Africa but internationally. This is even more impressive considering its emergence from the Apartheid system. South Africa's envisioned process of constitutionalism, which can be traced to the 1996 Constitution, seeks to demonstrate conformity to constitutionalism, especially through the separation of powers of the three branches of state – legislature, executive and the judiciary.

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National News - February 2018 National News February 2018


Appointments: South Africa: Cape Town: Noni Ndlovu – associate – corporate commercial. Johannesburg: Constance Lebea – associate – anti-trust/competition. Gerard du Toit – senior associate – IP. Limahl Sukhal – tax consultant – tax. Stellenbosch: Jaryd Davidson – associate – corporate commercial. Ghana: Accra: Shariq Gilani – international associate.

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2018, a Bearly Bitcoin Bubble? Lifestyle - Gadgets February 2018

It is 2018 and "Fake News" has unfortunately become part of our lexicon. I would simply opt for the time-tested word of propaganda but then it would fail to properly represent the Zeitgeist.

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Money or the Box(ster)? Lifestyle - Motoring February 2018

The Porsche Boxster started its inauspicious life as a 4 cylinder mid-engine, entry-level model which was ostensibly for Porsche lovers who wanted an "every-day" car. The car superseded the 924, 944 and 968 models, which were all budget, front engine cars with transaxle gearboxes. Porsche lovers will recognise the Boxster's DNA as being closer to the 914 which was also mid-engine and although it was slightly underpowered, handled a lot better than its 911 counterparts.

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ftertaste: Pushing the boundaries Lifestyle - Wine February 2018

Well-known online wine retailer, Wine Cellar Fine Wine Merchants and Cellarers, started its annual Young Gun wine tasting event in 2011 as a platform for emerging South African winemakers. A number of South Africa's hottest young winemakers pushing the boundaries of fine wine are identified each year, to showcase their wines at this much anticipated tasting event in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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Who’s doing what... Deal Selection February 2018

SA Exchange Listed M&A

4Sight announced the acquisition of the entire issued share capital and loan account claims of the Foursight South Africa Group from Antonie van Rensburg and Loan Account Holders for R85,57m. The purchase consideration will be settled through a cash payment of R11,69m and the issue of 36,941,800 4Sight shares.

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