February 2019

Talent retention: Getting it right in law firms Management February 2019

Atypical law firm generally attracts talent from universities and through lateral hires from other firms. More and more we see greater numbers of people leaving one law firm to join another, often of a similar size but sometimes, for specific reasons, they opt to join a smaller law firm.

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Pacta Sunt Servanda – which approach to follow? The Law February 2019

"The courts have shown remarkable slowness or perhaps reticence in allowing the fundamental rights or values of our Constitution to influence the law of contract through direct or indirect horizontality … courts often acknowledge their duty to develop the law of contract in harmony with the Constitution but stop short of embracing the consequences of contextual or purposive adjudication"

- Former Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke (2013).

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The new face of self-regulation in the alcohol industry The Law February 2019

According to research by the World Health Organisation, South Africans rank amongst the 20 highest drinking nations in the world. Recent facts and figures relating to the effects of alcohol abuse in South Africa are alarming. Alcohol is regarded as the most harmful drug in the country, and is currently the third largest contributor to death and disability. South Africa has one of the highest rates of foetal alcohol syndrome in the world, and it is estimated that up to 58% of deaths on the road can be attributed to alcohol consumption. Although a large portion of the population are non-drinkers, the concern is the amount consumed by many of those who drink. Research shows that about 23% of those who drink qualify as so-called "heavy drinkers".

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Knowledge is power Lifestyle - Motoring February 2019

Back in the old days, when we still lived in monochrome, information was hard to come by. Research required hours of searching through library index cards and speed reading to ensure you had the answers before the doors were closed.

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aftertaste - Two new Cape Winemakers Guild members Lifestyle - Wine February 2019

The Cape Winemakers Guild recently added JD Pretorius and Samantha O'Keefe to its wellrespected group of winemakers. Membership of the Guild is by invitation only and is extended to winemakers who have produced outstanding wines for a minimum of five years, and continue to do so. The Guild, established in 1982, comprises 48 of the country's best winemakers.

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